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Eavestrough 5″,6″ and 7″

They might be the most under-appreciated feature of a house’s exterior finish, but we should all be grateful for good Eavestrough’s. Having professionally installed Eavestrough’s can save you a lot of headaches. At Irish Steve’s Eavestroughing, we only use top quality Steel and aluminum material and the best gutter system available on the market. The Alu-rex Products can be added to an existing rainwater management system or used to increase the durability and resistance of a new gutter.  Ask Steve for details as to which Product will best suit your needs.  Eavestrough’s are also referred to as Gutters.

Soffit – Appropriate ventilation

Eliminate the tiresome painting and maintenance of your home with our soffits.

Our soffits are not just maintenance-free, durable, and good-looking, they keep your home protected. Year after year, you will appreciate the time, efforts and expenses you save with a finish that resists blistering, flaking and peeling.

Combined to the fascia, our soffits provide excellent airflow while keeping out insects and rodents.

Our Soffits and all accessories we use are installed using Screws, instead of the traditional staples and aluminum nails.  We do this to avoid  unnecessary issues that bad weather may cause.

Our Soffit and J trims are angled or mitered every time the wall changes shape.  This makes the finished job more aesthetically pleasing.

Fascia – Ultimate resistance

The fascia board is the forward-facing strip that borders and protects the joint between the roof and walls. Our fascia boards go perfectly with our gutters.

Fascia covering is low maintenance, durable, and robust, no more costly replacement of rotten wood! It’s ideal for buildings facing sun, rain, frost, snow, and wind. Replacing rotten roofline and cladding systems with maintenance-free aluminum fascia will give your home a fresh new look and keep it protected from the elements for years.

One issue we find when replacing fascia on a building is that the aluminum fascia was not installed correctly to begin with.  Which has now caused an ever bigger issue as the wooden fascia and even the rafter tails need replacing due to rot.  I’ve seen this time and time again.  The Aluminum Fascia must be folded adequately to allow for water shed.  Thus making sure the same issue does not occur.  Photos to follow.

Drip Edge Flashing

Eaves Flashing ensures no dripping water between the Eavestrough and the fascia, that can cause all kinds of issues. Just having flashing installed will not fix these issues. It must be installed professionally. The idea is keep the wooden fascia and rafters dry in your home. Having eaves flashing professionally installed will also ensure longer life of your shingles as shingles will curl as a result to either bad or no installation of flashing. I’ve seen many issues in my time as supervisor for another company here in Edmonton. We manufacture all our own flashing to suit every job, even custom flashing were needed.

Cleaning and Gutter Guard’s

Clean, Flush and Tighten  C.F.T

Eavestrough that was installed using hangers and Nails ( Spike and Ferrel) will need to be cleaned annually in most cases.  We do take on the cleaning of eavestrough’s. We physically remove debris by hand and flush out the eavestrough including downspouts with water hoses. We then tighten loose Nails and hangers.  The home owner is made aware of any corners and joints that need sealing or sections of Eavestrough that needs re-sloping etc.   Once the Eavestrough has been cleaned and re-sealed were needed it is recommend that Alu-Rex 5300 series now be installed to prevent further clogging in the future.   5300 takes care and skill to be installed correctly.  5300 is also know as the Gutter  Clean system.  It is added to pre-existing Eavestrough.

Protecting existing gutters with Gutter Clean System® Alu-Rex 5300 Series

Looking for a solution for clogged gutters? Gutter Clean System® gutter guards are designed to be easier to maintain by letting the wind do most of the heavy lifting. Because their surface is made of perforated aluminum, debris sits on top, dries out, and is carried off by the breeze. Alu‐Rex guarantees your gutters will stay clog‐free for 40 years.