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Our service Include Eavestrough, Fascia, Soffit & Flashing installation and repair. Include some of the best manufacturer warranties available on the market.  

Irish Steve's eaves

Eavestrough and Downspouts

We only rely on trusted technology to protect your eavestrough against problems caused by weather, sun, snow, ice and debris. We use levels when sloping our eavestroughs always ensuring no water is being held in the eaves. We supply and install 5″, 6″ and 7″ eavestrough. 8″ coming soon. Our downspouts are 3″x3″ as standard. We also use actual steel flip hinges complete with velcro attachments and our water diverters go great with setting up rain barrels. Our eavestroughs are sealed with warm caulking, what ever time of year. Our seals will not leak.  Warranties will vary, its depends on the products you wish to be included in your install. Learn more about our Lifetime Warranty.  Its not just Eavestrough, its an artform.  My job is to ensure your rainwater system preforms to the highest standards.   

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Fascia / Soffit

Our highly qualified workmen will install, repair, or replace your soffit and fascia with the best materials available on the market. Steve being from Ireland angles the soffit he installs each time the wall changes shape. Steve uses screws instead of nails and staples ensuring the fascia and soffit stays on your home.  Fascia and Soffit is an Art form, its one thing installing it correctly and water tight but I like to go the extra mile as I’ve a great work ethic.  Leaving the job Aesthetically pleasing to the home owner is what I like to do, takes more time on my end, but hey “your only as good as your last job” that what my father thought me.   We also design and fabricate custom roof capping.  I have personally designed Eavestrough’s, Fascia and many types of flashing for jobs here in Edmonton.  I mean it when I say I’m the best at what I do.  I even do the Ugliest jobs very well and with a smile. 

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Drip Edge Flashing and Custom Flashing

Trust our experience in Flashing installation to protect your roof and Fascia board from water infiltration. With the correct flashing installed at the correct distance this will also prevent shingle curl, adding years to the life of your shingles.  Having flashing installed correctly will also ensure no drips between the Eavestrough and the Fascia board.  Drips as you know will cause ice on your side walk and potentially causing an accident.  I have seen so many flashing jobs done incorrectly, it just becomes normal to see.  I will guarantee that my flashing installation will actually work.  The diagram to the right I have illustrated to explain how eaves flashing works.  Simply having eaves flashing installed will not correct the issue.  It must be installed professionally. 

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irish steves eaves

Gutter Guards

Whether you call them leaf screen, gutter guards, leaf protection, debris filter, our 40-Year clog-free manufacturer warranty will keep your investment free of worries. The Alu-rex continuous hanger installed with your Eavestrough is the truly the best product on the market today. As well as a leaf guard it replaces the dreaded Spike and ferrell’s and also the hidden hangers. If your happy with maintaining your Eavestrough yourself, hidden hangers may work for you.  Most people in todays market would prefer either low or no  maintenance.  I like to agree with the term you pay for what you get.  In my eyes we will do the same work no matter how big or small the job is. 

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