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Downspouts and Accessories


Steve uses 3″ square downspouts as standard. The 3″ square outlets are individually cut into the eavestrough

by hand and sealed accordingly. The more traditional size downspout used for 5″ and 6″ Eaves would be 2 5/8 square.

Steve uses 3″ square as the larger outlets and downspouts allow for a more functional rain water system. An extra 30% more water flow.

Steve uses Acid brushes to seal Corners, Valley Guards and outlets. This allows for a better seal and ensuring no air bubbles remain in the caulking.


Flip Hinges

These steel flip hinges are a worth while addition to your downpipe system. Unlike the traditional system they are much neater, cleaner and very effective.

The downpipe extension should always be placed in the downward setting unless gardening work is being preformed like moving the lawn etc. Once the extension is flipped up it attaches with Velcro making it an easy two second up or down motion. The flip hinge will remain in place as long as the downspout its self is not compromised .


Aim Drains

Aim Drain's are very similar only they are made of uPVC not steel. Having the Aim Drain allows the user to move the downspout around as well as up and down. The Downspout extension can be aimed in any direction.




Hidden Hangers

The use of hidden hangers in Eavestrough’s is recommended for were there are no trees and the client is willing to maintain the eavestrough themselves. They work well some times, but not in all cases. They are the cheaper way to have a new eavestrough system installed on your home. Unlike the traditional wood screw when installing Hidden hangers we use 1 3/4″ tech screws. The hangers we use in our steel Eavestrough are steel, we don’t use aluminum hangers.


Funnels, Cones, Diverters and downspout ABS Cap

Funnels are a great accessory to your downspout system. They are effective when tow spouts need to become one spout and also when setting up rain barrels systems. Mostly they are like the picture below, but some cases making a more round shape funnel i.e. a cone works better.

Most houses have the rainwater running onto the yard but in some cases there is already a storm water system in place. Where there is a storm water system, we finish the downspout neat and cleanly into the Abs or PVC pipe already existing at the property. With the addition of the ABS cap or tile cover no unwanted debris such as blowing leaves will clog the storm water system. When used along with the Alu-rex Leaf guards you can be sure the eavestrough, downspouts and storm water system is free of Debris and flowing smoothly.

Abs Cap / Tile Cover